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  machined forging aa  


•材料類型: 銅, 鋁, 不鏽鋼, 及 碳鋼及其他合金
•RoHS要求: 可滿足.
•直徑範圍: OD 6mm ~ 150mm
•長度及寬度範圍:: 250mm X 250mm max
•加工精密度: ± 0.01mm
•表面處理: 噴砂, 震動研磨, 鏡面拋光, 烤漆, 陽極處理, 及電鍍

Parts for thread rolling

the work hardening which occurs during the roll threading process may
even make the fastener with rolled threads stronger. Additionally, cut
threading interrupts the natural grain structure of the round bar whereas
roll threading reforms it. One could again argue that cutting into the grain
of a round bar when cut threading may produce threads which have less
structural integrity than a part which has been roll threaded.

Advantages of Roll Threading

  1. Significantly shorter labor times means lower costs.
  2. Because a roll threaded bolt has a smaller body diameter, it weighs
    less than its full bodied counterpart. This weight reduction reduces
    the cost of the steel, galvanizing, heat-treating, plating, freight, and
    any other costs associated with the fastener that are based on weight.
  3. Cold working makes threads more resistant to damage during
  4. Rolled threads are often smoother due to the burnishing effect of
    the rolling operation.

Thread rolling requires a tooling investment to be made in the heads and
rollers, which is higher than a single-point threading insert. However, for
applications that involve hardened material, high surface finish and surface
integrity as wells as production volumes, thread rolling technology may be
more cost effective over the long haul. Moreover, since the heads can be run
on a CNC turning center alongside single point threading, thread rolling can
be flexibly applied as needed by the application—the right tool for the job.


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        thread tolling a thread tolling b thread rolling c thread rolling d        

Notes: We manufacture metal parts in compliance with customers' designs.
The products are shown here only to present the scope of our manufacturing
activities, and are not for sale.

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